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A Welcoming Message from Mrs. Sally Stovall, President

All across the United States of America, there are dynamic, vibrant and thriving African Catholic communities, and we are witnessing more and more springing up. We, as individual and as communities, congregate, pray, worship, and partake in the evangelizing mission of the Church in the parishes, dioceses and organizations to which we belong. In May 2008, the National Association of African Catholics in the United States (NAACUS) was established as a response to the restructuring of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the creation of the office of Cultural Diversity in the Church (CDC) under the leadership of Sr. Joanna Okereke, HHCJ, Program Coordinator, assisted by Reverend Father Callist Nyambo, Pastor, All Saints Catholic Church, Clearwater, Florida. NAACUS is an umbrella Association of African Catholics and it is dedicated to primarily serve African Catholics in the United States; it seeks to engage, support, nurture, build communities of African Catholics, and it will promote their spiritual wellbeing while liaising, coordinating and involving all Africans Catholics to maximize their charisms as a faith and worship Community in the United States. During the eighteenth General Congregation, Friday, October 23, 2009, the Synod Fathers approved the Nuntius (Message) at the conclusion of the Second Synod for Africa in Rome, which acknowledges that "many sons and daughters of Africa have left home to seek abode in other continents [where] many are doing well, contributing validly to the life of their new resident countries" (§ 12). Furthermore, they expressed their gratitude in recognizing that “the Church in Africa thanks God for many of her sons and daughters who are missionaries on other continents," (ibid). We are to remain cognizant that there are still many amongst us who have not yet found a home, who are still struggling for a place where to contribute our rich cultural and spiritual gifts as well as our talents and other resources. The formation of NAACUS will certainly help them connect and hopefully achieve this goal. I encourage each and everyone to step forward into this “new” Lord's Vineyard and contribute. There is room for each of your skills, expertise, talents, experiences and unique uplifting gifts the Lord has blessed you with. The harvest is abundant. Come one! Come all! Bring in a new worker. This is your apostolate and, whether you're just hearing about us or have been toiling for a while, our Church awaits your involvement to make her more and more universal. Peace and Blessings! Ntal Alimasi President National Association of African Catholics in the United States (NAACUS) "One who stands at the edge of a cliff is wise to define progress as one step backwards"

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