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Welcome Message

A Welcoming Message from Mrs. Sally Stovall, President

Welcome to NAACUS ! I hope that when I say "welcome" you will accept that it is not only from me but also from all the people who are part of this entire NAACUS family. NAACUS is an umbrella Association of African Catholics representing all African Catholics in the United States. All across the United States of America, there are dynamic, vibrant and thriving African Catholic communities and we are witnessing more and more springing up. We, as individual and as communities, congregate, pray, worship, and partake in the evangelizing mission of the Church in the parishes, dioceses and organizations to which we belong. You, as leaders of your various communities, have the vision, knowledge, skills, talents and the experience to help us move NAACUS into the future. You are truly our greatest asset today and tomorrow. Whether you're just hearing about us for the first time or just wondering what NAACUS is all about, I encourage each one of you to get involved and to see how you can utilize your talents and gifts to contribute. NAACUS - Together with Christ! We would like to stay connected as to bring together all African Catholic communities while ensuring active participation in support of the Church.

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